Say Goodbye to Debilitating Headaches

(And Not Just See You Later)

Yes it’s possible!

Are you starting to resent your pain-free friends who don’t live with the daily chronic Headaches?

To Find YOUR Main Migraine Triggers.

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I can actually go a week, sometimes two without a headache!

My migraine attacks started in the late ‘90s. I was averaging 4, sometimes 5 a week. I read every book as well as went to a number of doctors both Eastern and Western. I did everything I could think of including seeing healers. Nothing worked until I met Susannah. What a kind, loving, genuine human being. I am so grateful for what she has brought to my life. I can actually go a week, sometimes two without a headache. YAY!!!

Alicia K, San Francisco


You shouldn’t have to hide in pain in a dark, cold room with ears plugged to shut out the sound of your family slurping up your favorite spaghetti dish and laughing about their day.

You’ve whispered to yourself “You Got This” for the last time while trying to close your ears and squint your eyes just to get through a meeting.

You’re ready to sell your pinky toe for an appointment with someone who can stop the feeling of ice picks going through your skull.

Sounds good, except….


Overwhelmed with trying yet another strategy when you’ve already tried All.The.Things – acupuncture, cranial-sacral, med cycling, botox, even daith piercing. You’ve certainly had the pain – but where’s the gain!?

Worried about your future. Living in constant fear of when an attack will strike and how debilitating it will be this time is meant for the Watchers on the Wall in GOT – not for real life.


Tried eating clean – cutting out caffeine, gluten, dairy, and sugar – and were left even more miserable than before. You’re not convinced food has anything to do with what you’re going through.

Lived your life walking on eggshells, tiptoeing around this condition, hoping you can make plans without getting “caught” and instead not bothering to make plans at all because you hate to disappoint people. And yourself… Again.

But no more… If you can master icing your head while simultaneously making dinner, you can discover how to use food to heal your Headache condition, too.

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Susannah Juteau MSc, CLT, RD

Master of Science, Certified LEAP Therapist and Registered Dietitian

Oh hey,

I’m Susannah.

Obsessed with helping women discover WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat it to break through to their headache-free life.

While my middle school besties had posters of JTT and the Backstreet Boys on their bedroom walls, I had a poster of the brain and the physiology of the nerve cells. It’s not that I didn’t get swept up in the boy-band hype, I mean, I’m pretty sure it was impossible to avoid. But I know now that the fascination with the brain was preparing me for my purpose. First for my undergrad study of neuroscience. Then, and I’m not making this up, for my very own 10-hour brain surgery to remove a benign tumor the size of a ping-pong-ball pressing on my brainstem.

Yet, to my surprise, and what perplexed all of my neurologists, was that even after months of brain repair and recovery, I still had daily chronic Headaches along with frequent Migraine attacks. Rooms would shake at a magnitude high enough to bring me to my knees. Lights would glare at such an intensity I was constantly being forced to stop, close my eyes and hold my head in my hands to get my bearings. And every single sound, from the electrical hum of the lights to the buzz of the ceiling fan, would be oppressively piercing.

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After years of being caught up in the repetitive and dissatisfying cycle of the healthcare system and not seeing any symptom improvement, I drew on my Master’s of Nutrition research skills and studied every possible link between Migraine and diet. I developed an off-the-cuff plan.

Within 8 weeks I was off all Headache meds and have not experienced any Migraine episodes since. That was back in 2018. You can imagine how transformational that experience was for me because you dream of a life like this too. Life without head pain.

For me, the after (migraine) life is where I finally welcomed my calling.

Today I help others overcome the debilitating condition and permanently REVERSE severe Headaches.

If you’re frustrated, I highly recommend this program!

If you’re frustrated because you feel like no one understands what is right for your body and the doctors just give you the same plan that they give everyone else – then I highly recommend you invest in Susannah’s program.

Stephanie R, Christian Life Coach

Working with me will

work for you if…

You want an expert who KNOWS all Headache Conditions

You’ve had your last meeting with a Neuro-specialist that just doesn’t get it and you’re ready to talk to someone who won’t brush off your experience. I know you’re not exaggerating when you talk about your symptoms. And I’ll never assume you’re ‘pain-intolerant.’ I know what it means to actually want my brain to explode because at least the pain would go away. So yeah, you can bring all that dark truth out when you work with me.

You’re TIRED of the Healthcare Hamster Wheel

Desperate to feel better but sludging through the different trials of meds to mask your symptoms feels like cutting off your foot to spite your nose… or whatever the saying is. You aren’t interested in the short game anymore. You are ready to live your full life already!

You want to be in CONTROL of your Headache-triggers

There’s a difference between a Whole-Foods-Healthy diet and a Migraine-Free diet. You’re ready to get the goods on what that is and implement the right intake for YOU. That feeling that pain isn’t the only way for you to live is bang-on. You’ve been stuck because few health professionals know the difference. Uncovering your PERSONAL food triggers will give you your unique solution to reversing Migraine.

How You Say
Goodbye to Debilitating Headaches and Not
Just See You Later.

I live headache and migraine free and you can too!

Transform your head pain from fearful enemy to long-lost memory, empowering you to commit to that happy hour you were excited for and feel competent at work again – without prescriptions, potions, or other concoctions. This is where you get to uncover your Headache root causes with two very powerful functional blood tests that you NEED to break through to your severe Headache and/or Migraine-free life.

Sounds Like What You’re Looking For?

Susannah with arms on waist
Tao smiling

Her strategies for pain relief really work!

Susannah’s knowledge of nutrition supported me to alleviate headaches in a natural, easy way. Her strategies for pain relief really work!

Jordann A, San Diego

“There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me, It’s where I want to be”

Truthfully, I belt out these lyrics from ‘The Lady In Red’ and put my whole body into it. It’s quite the scene at a traffic light.

Here are 10 more slightly embarrassing, on the surface horrifying, and perhaps totally relatable things about me… (click the dots below the pic for more)

Susannah holding a hat

If my brain surgery made you gasp, you might want to sit down. Early in life, I had my ear bitten off and a chunk taken out of my cheek and it’s got nothing to do with boxing with Mike Tyson. Next, I had holes that formed in my bones as they grew. My later brain surgery left me with facial paralysis. I’m also completely deaf in my left ear. Trust me, I’ve had enough alarming experiences to fill a book – thinking about them all is actually comical… even for me!

I’ve had coaches in hockey, dragon boat, baseball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer, and yet when I was dealing with Migraine, a coach to help me reverse my symptoms wasn’t on my radar. I thought my only option was the medical route and jumping from doctor to doctor. A Back-to-the-Future scene of me meeting myself now would have been so useful.

Farmer’s Markets are my Happy Place. The beauty of so many fruits and vegetables in one place puts a twinkle in my eye and a bounce in my step. The best market I’ve blissfully pranced around is in Sapa, Vietnam which had real livestock for sale – Goats, horses, pigs, and water buffalo… Just like old times!

I broke my leg playing ball hockey EXACTLY one month after landing my first career job as a community dietitian after completing my Master’s degree. Meeting new clients and new coworkers while asking them to hold my documents and give me a hand up the steps was not what I had envisioned being a real grown-up to look like. And yeah, my body’s taken some big hits.

Over 6000 people attended my Fasting for Freedom Summit in 2020 – just before Covid hit and our world turned upside down!

My husband Mark read to me all of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ (Game of Thrones) book series. Screens and lights were fuel for my headaches so reading was the only stimulation I could handle – that’s 4,643 pages!

My favorite season is winter. When I lived in Ottawa, I even lived the Canadian dream where I could skate to work!

I used to make elaborate restaurant menus and invite my family to come to ‘Susannah’s Cafe.’ They all had to pay before entering. I’d take their order, look at my Dad to see if he was willing to make said item, and respond ‘sorry, we don’t have pancakes today.’ A Nutritionist in the making 🙂 (+ Easiest money I’ve ever made!)

I can rarely say no to something sweet. If it’s homemade, there’s no way I’m passing it up. So if you’re looking for someone to tell you you can’t eat sugar or chocolate for the rest of your life, I’m not your gal.

Managing head pain with two young kids was HARD. But it did teach me to truly appreciate and take advantage of every moment on my good days…the days I was not held back by a debilitating headache. That sense of gratitude has stayed with me and I keep that in mind now as I give these girls as many hugs a day as they will allow. I can finally delight in their little shrieks of joy that I am happy to say I can now almost fully tolerate.

An off-the-cuff Migraine Solution gains a lot of interest.

Catch some of my favorite interviews here:

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Working with Susannah has transformed my life.

Though I had a fairly clean diet I just couldn’t seem to feel consistently better. Working with Susannah has transformed my life. I’ve been able to increase my activity level significantly and I feel more energized during the day… My sleep is better. And I’m confident that I am getting all the nutrients that I need. My digestion is now normal. Susannah’s advice has allowed me to experience more freedom in my life. I feel healthy and vibrant and trust that I have established a habit that will enable me to live a healthy and active life for many years to come!

Nancy B, Virginia

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