Say Goodbye to Your Debilitating Headaches

… in three months or less.

“I’ve been dealing with migraines for over 20 years, how could I possibly eliminate them in 12 weeks?!”

Is this what you’re thinking?

Or, maybe you’re wondering…

“What happens when I DO find out what’s causing my headaches? Can I never eat that food again? I get sad thinking I can never eat a cookie or have a glass of wine …”

“It’s hard to know what works. I’m ready to figure this out for the final time…”

I get it because this was me, too.

It took me years to dig into nutrition for headaches (even as a dietitian!) because I didn’t want to cut anything out of my diet long term. I also didn’t want to be THAT friend with numerous annoying restrictions.

But what if I told you it doesn’t have to be that way?

By following my comprehensive approach, we focus on ADDING foods into your diet, repairing the gut and balancing your hormones.

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You’re invited to discover how to ditch headaches and migraine Attacks for good

With access to…

The ‘Headaches Handled’ Program

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“This is miracle life!”

“I had no idea that food could make a difference for headaches. My doctors told me meds were my only option to control the pain. Changing my diet wasn’t nearly as difficult as I made it out to be in my head. We’re only a few weeks in and it’s already been 13 days in a row headache free!! This is miracle life!

Jess Smith – Mindset Coach

How we do it

Prevent Headaches Before They Even Start

There are some surprising lifestyle patterns that could be triggering your head pain (without you even realizing!). Uncovering them will give us a clear path to create your headache-free future without setbacks.

Relief From Nagging Co-Symptoms

Uncovering root causes almost always relieves common secondary symptoms such as brain fog, IBS, joint pain, fatigue, sleep issues, and hormonal imbalances. Say hello to improved overall health and a better quality of life!

Uncover Your Personal Gut Map

Get individualized results with a GI Map Test to find out the root cause of your headaches (is it inflammation, bacteria overgrowth, a parasite, or maybe even all three!?). Then, we can quickly identify triggers causing inflammation in your body and set up a repair action plan (plus, getting to the root causes helps you get the fastest relief possible).

Creating a Custom-to-You Meal & Supplement Plan

All personalized recommendations fit into your current lifestyle (i.e. what you already eat) —so it’s realistic to implement and not only see—but feel results. Also, there’s no tracking macros, rehauling your diet or other time-consuming fad trends around here—enjoying food remains a top priority.

Tweaking and Optimizing in Real-Time

Get step-by-step support and accountability with regular check-ins, results-focused coaching and personalized plan adjustments—so you have the support you need, every turn of the way.

A Specialized Micronutrient Test

This test is the most comprehensive nutrient analysis available today. With this blood test, we’ll measure your functional deficiencies at the cellular level. These results take the guesswork out of which supplements are needed (if any) and allow you to achieve peak performance for energy, sleep, focus, metabolism, and more. Combined with the migraine-specific test, your personalized results will guide me in curating the best protocol for you (and saves you all kinds of money because you’re not experimenting with expensive supplements your body doesn’t need).

Ready To Get Started?

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“I lay in my bed in darkness and in pain.”

“Before I started my protocol with Susannah I was having migraines pretty much 4-5 days of a week and the intensity and severity (4-5 out of 5) of the migraines kept me bed bound. I had to stop working and also participating with my family. I lay in my bed in darkness and in pain.

I feel extremely happy to say that my migraines have reduced to once a week and the intensity is reduced to 2 and I still take my sumatriptan but reduced the dose to half. Overall my energy has increased and I do not have swings of my mood and energy with respect to food too.”

Priya M, SF Bay Area

 Tap into the same steps that keep me migraine free
(for 3 years now!)

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Want In? You Must Be a “Heck-Yes!” to These 3 Qualifiers:

Excited to uncover WHAT to eat and WHEN to eat it to finally be done with severe Headaches (Secret: a headache-free diet has to be uniquely tailored — something most non-headache nutrition experts don’t realize).

•  Motivated to correct nutritional deficiencies and add in foods you may not have eaten in a long time.

•  Ready to stop refilling your Imitrex prescriptions, put an end to other “coping crutches” and no longer lie in dark rooms.

Did I hear a “heck yes!”?

Studies show migraine or chronic headache sufferers can easily rack up tens of thousands of dollars/year from paying for prescriptions & medical bills, quarterly Botox, fancy nerve stimulator devices, having to take time off of work, and more… And don’t even get me started on the high-priced band-aid solutions that’ll never provide permanent relief.

Are you ready for a custom-to-you program that makes forever relief from headaches and migraine attacks possible – by IDENTIFYING root cuases and REAPAIRING the gut – while saving you big money, too!?

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Typical Migraine Expenses*Annual CostHeadache-Free R&R Program
Emergency Department$4,000*—-
Hospital inpatient$17,748*—-
Physician office$6,803*—-
Radiology and imaging$2,609*—-
Pharmacy costs$8,441*—-
Botox for Migraine$6,300—-
Migraine gadgets and devices$100-$2,000—-
Total$47,434+3 easy payments of $747**

*Annual Migraine Cost for Individuals in the US – Source: 2020, Polson, M et al. Migraine: A Real-World Claims Analysis. American Journal of Managed Care.

**Hormonal Headaches Handled – an online course under $500 – will also be available soon. Book a call using the same link to contribute to market research and get early bird pricing in return.

The total cost ends up being upwards of $40K for short-lived results, in just one year alone

Headaches Handled is available right now for 3 easy payments of $747 USD

Next steps:

If this opportunity set off some I-need-this-NOW bells, let’s quickly chat to determine if you’re a good fit and explore what your custom programming may look like. You’re worthy of a pain-free, headache-free, and dark room-free existence; it’s time to step into the light. Stop feeling stuck, desperate, or depleted; start living.

Here’s the first step:

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Tao smiling

“I felt like I was out of control, useless to my family and there was nothing else I could do.”

“I was going through years and years of stomach pains, nausea and dizziness, even thinking I was pregnant with morning sickness… When I’d get a migraine I needed a blackout situation, no noise, two hands on my forehead, just, you know, holding it hoping it would go away. I was taking something almost every day. I felt like I was out of control, useless to my family and there was nothing else I could do. In November everything hit and I had an ulcer from taking too many meds.

And then I did the program and realized that it was actually food intolerance and gut dysbiosis that was causing all that. I know now which foods are significant trigger of my migraines. There was so much damage to my gut that it needed several months to heal and your support was so important there. Now I can actually eat some powdered garlic in stuff and can tolerate some onions without consequences! I’m also proud to say that I’ve been migraine-free for 4 months and counting”

Nicky R – Elementary School Teacher

For more information or to book a free discovery call, email

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